Virtual Assistant

Did you know a Virtual Assistant can save you Time & Money?


How VA's can save you Time & Money


Some of the Services we offer:

No payroll fees or taxes

(unemployment insurance, workman’s comp, social security, etc)

Pay a flat fee for services on a weekly, monthly, or hourly basis

No minimal work hours or overtime

No overtime pay, in fact usually you will get a discount on a hourly rate for more contracted hours.

Pay only for the work you need when you need it

No employees hanging out, talking, or doing nothing while on the clock.
You pay for a job to be done and it gets done.

No Busy-Work for you!

Saves you time by hiring a professional to do the busy-work so you can spend your time instead doing the things that only you can or want to do.
Saves time trying to figure out something you don't know how to do already, just hire someone who already has experience with it.